Nyangani Opiyo



Flash adorns the new cover of the fifth issue of the Rhodesian Ridgeback EU Magazine which came out today. We are very proud of our little one. :)

10.10.2020 – Schweitenkirchen – DE

If it rains you can go alone...

Something like that was Flash's attitude towards the exhibition in Schweitenkirchen yesterday. While the girls were clearly tougher than the males, Flash was able to get a nice Exc 2 with a reservation (counts fully) in absolutely unworthy ridgeback weather under judge Mr. Klemann.

We met a lot of friends again, introduced new Ridgeback parents to the world of exhibitions and had nice conversations.

Many thanks to Annet of Macknole Rhodesian Ridgebacks and her pack for the great pictures again.

All in all, despite the weather, it was a really nice day for the exhibition, thank you for that and congratulations to all exhibitors.

19.09.2020 – Prichsenstadt – DE

Two weeks ago we were at the DZRR special exhibition in Prichsenstadt. Under judge Karin van Klaveren we were able to get a nice V3 for the third time in a row #hattrick.


We wish all from the Nyangani O litter and of course our Flash all the best for their 7th birthday.

12.09.2020 – Löwenbruch – DE

We met us last Saturday, in fantastic weather at the special breed dog exhibition of the RR Club E.L.S.A. in Ludwigsfelde-Löwenbruch under the judge Roland Spörr 🇦🇹 got a nice Exc 3. I was really happy that Mr. Spörr said that Flash was not lookling like a almost 7 year old boy. Thank you for the successful exhibition and congratulations to all exhibitors.

29.08.2020 – Westhausen, Thüringen - DE

After a corona break for half a year, it was time to get a taste of the exhibition air again last weekend.

At the 3rd DZRR special breed show Thüringen we had a great time under the judge Mr. Klopsch in the champion class and won a Exc 3 with a nice judge's report.

One of the highlights was that we finally managed to meet the great pack of Macknole Rhodesian Ridgebacks. At this point, a huge thank you for those great pictures!!

It was also nice to see familiar faces again and to have nice conversations.


Flash is presented in issue 4 of the Rhodesian Ridgeback EU Magazine :)


Happy 2nd birthday to the little babys from Marula & Flash!

It's crazy how fast the time flies and what great dogs you have developed into.


Other news is expected on a Friday the 13th, but today a letter has come from Austria. Flash is finally officiall Austrian champion. :)

06.02.2020 - Graz - AT

Our first exhibition this year took us to the beautiful Graz in Austria.

We were able to get in the champion class under Dr. Milivoje Urosevic a Exc 2 Res. CACA (counts fully). So we have now fulfilled all requirements for the Austrian champion. Then we were able to achieve the second best male to achieve Res. CACIB (also counts fully).


We surprisingly received mail from Belgium today, which we actually only expected in three months.

Flash is now official, FCI certified international beauty champion (C.I.B)

08.12.2019 – 09.12.2019 – Wels – AT

Our last exhibition this year took us to beautiful Wels in Austria last weekend. We arrived on Friday to take part in the ring training organized by the RRCÖ.

On Saturday we reached under the judge and FCI President Dr. Tamas Jakkel a fantastic Exc 2 with res. CACA. On Sunday we got a nice Exc 3 under the judge Salvatore Tripoli.

Congratulations to all exhibitors and many thanks to the RRCÖ / ÖKV for this successful exhibition weekend.

09.11.2019 – 10.11.2019 – Karlsruhe – DE

A nice exhibition weekend in Karlsruhe is behind us. For the first time we started in the champion class and it could not have gone better.

On Saturday we had a fantastic Exc 2 with res. Anw. Dt. Ch. (counts full) on Sunday a great Exc.

We are totally proud of Flash, who despite our nervousness did a great job.

In addition, we met again many very special people and had nice talks.

02.09.2019 – 03.09.2019 – Golubovci – MNE

The strong competition from professional handlers made the mission around the last CACIB more exciting than expected.

Since this was also our first night exhibition, we did not know how exhausting it could become. The first exhibition started around 20:00, the second at 01:30.

Nevertheless, we were able to perform well in Montenegro and achieved the following results:

02.09.2019 - Exc 1, CAC, Res. CACIB

03.09.2019 - Exc 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

So we could secure the last needed CACIB for the international champion and celebrated this success extensively in our subsequent vacation.

30.08.2019 – 31.08.2019 – Posušje – BIH

Inspired by our recent success in Innsbruck and our planned vacation in Croatia, we wanted to try the exhibitions in the Balkans and explore the countries. Thus, we spontaneously signed for two exhibitions in Bosnia & Montenegro.

In Bosnia we achieved the following successes:

30.08.2019 - CAC 1 - Exc 1, CAC

30.08.2019 - CACIB 1 - Exc 1, CAC

31.08.2019 - CAC 2 - Exc 1, CAC, BOB, BOG 3

31.08.2019 - CACIB 2 - Exc 1, CAC, Res. CACIB

Thus, we now officially have the two champion titles for Bosnia and the Bosnian Federation.

17.08.2019 – 18.08.2019 – Innsbruck – AT

We had an exciting and successful exhibition weekend in Innsbruck behind us.

On Saturday we got a nice Exc 3 under the judge Mr. Burkhard Seibel with a great judge's report.

Then the absolute madness on Sunday, in an extremely strong open class, we enjoyed under the judge Mr. Peter Friedrich Berchtold the Exc 1 & CACA and as if that was not gigantic enough, we also got that res. CACIB, which counts fully because our competitor already owns the international champion.

We are so incredibly proud of our little rabbit, how confident he has mastered this again !! Many thanks to the ÖKV & RRCÖ and congratulations to all exhibitors & friends.

13.07.2019 – 14.07.2019 – Nuremberg – DE

Like every year, the exhibition in Nuremberg is on our schedule. This year something unusual, because the exhibition took place half a year later than usual and this time on both days all races were judged. At first, I was skeptical, as all the rings were in a single hall and we expected some chaos. But on the contrary it was really pleasant with enough space.

On the first day under judge Erdös, Làszlò (HU) we made a great Exc and narrowly missed the ranking fifth with 16 participants. On the second day Flash was also convincing and also received a Exc under judge Tusanova, M. (SK).

29.06.2019 – 13.07.2019

We have decided to Mrs. Simone Straube-Kögler (veterinarian and doctoral student) of the Medical Small Animal Clinic of Ludwig. - Maximilians - University of Munich in the follow-up study to support juvenile myoclonic epilepsy in Rodesian Ridgeback.

"Comparison of the resting and activity rhythms of Rhodesian Ridgebacks and healthy dogs affected by juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME) using Activity Tracker"

Flash is not affected by JME. Since healthy dogs were also searched for the study, we did not hesitate to take part. Flash had to carry the activity tracker continuously for two weeks and every activity had to be recorded.

In view of the fact that we may could help, we were very happy to help sick dogs and are ready to take part in studies at any time to protect the health of our breed.

June 2019

Flash has the great honor to decorate the new flyer of AnRa´s medicinal mushrooms for animals.

Thank you dear AnRa team !!

25.05.2019 – 26.05.2019 – Prichsenstadt - DE

Had a nice weekend at the DZRR club show in Prichsenstadt. Many acquaintances met, had nice discussions and met new nice people. Flash could not quite convince the judge on the first day and left the ring with a VG.However, on the second day we received a Exc but no placement.

Despite everything, Flash has really done a great job on both days. For me, he is still one of the winners, because he has shined through serenity and sovereignty and with a reporting number of over 20 dogs in the open class on both days.


Exactly one year ago today, the eleven little Nyangani Z saw the light of day.

For the first birthday all the love, good, good health and many more birthdays !!

11.05.2019 – Wieselburg – AT

Under Judge Martina Viktorinova we got a Exc 4

04.05.2019 – Trautskirchen – DE

At the community show in Trautskirchen we have in a strong class a Exc 2 and the Res. Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH run. Although the weather was anything but ridgeback friendly, Flash did a great job! Congratulations to all placed and many thanks to the Club ELSA for the great organization and smooth running.

08.12.2018 / 09.12.2018 – Wels – AT

Our last exhibition this year took us to the beautiful Wels in Austria. Under the judges Horst Kliebenstein and Barbara Müller, we enjoyed a great Exc in the open class on both days and missed both times just the placement. But considering that only well-known champions were placed in front of us, it was fine. What I was really pleased about next to the great reports was the addition in the report of Mrs. Mueller that Flash was presented very well.

21.07.2018 - Neresheim-Stetten - DE

In mixed weather, we made our way to Neresheim. Under Judge Erwin Deutscher we made a Exc.

23.06.2018 / 24.06.2018 - Munich Daglfing - DE

When we were informed that there will be an exhibition in Munich this year, it was more than clear to us that we will visit them as well. Compared to the other exhibitions this is a "stone's throw" for us.

On the first day we managed a great VG under judge Angela Dohnal. On the second day, the motivation was greater with Flash and we ran under the judge Franz Zimmermann Exc 2 with Res.-Cand. DE. Ch. VDH in the open class.

17.05.2018 – Nuremberg - DE

Marula gave birth today to 11 beautiful puppies, 4 males and 7 females. We wish the little racers only the best and look forward to the visits.

12.05.2018 - Wieselburg - AT

After a great overnight stay in the place of pilgrimage Maria Taferl, with a mighty view of Lower Austria, we reached a Exc 2 with res. CACA in the open class.

07.04.2018 / 08.04.2018 - Montichiari - IT

After our experience in Riva and the great new contacts, we wanted to try our luck again in Italy and went to Montichiari. Here came the peculiarity that apart from the two international exhibitions a special exhibition was provided. Thus, we participated in two days in three exhibitions. After a very stressful weekend we were rewarded with delicious food and the following results in the open class: 1 x Exc, 2 x Exc 1, 2 x CAC, 2 x Res. CACIB.

The Italian Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (RRCI) is currently investigating possible heart disease in Ridgeback. As part of this study, of course, we have participated and have Flash examined. Flash was wired and an ECG was created. No irregularities could be detected, which made us very happy.

Many thanks to the RRCI for the pictures of the open class.

20.03.2018 – Nuremberg - DE

We are overjoyed to announce that Flash will be daddy :) On the 20th and 21st of March 2018 he covered the magical Marula by Kennel Nyangani. The cover act was harmonious and instinctive.

24.02.2018 / 25.02.2018 - Riva del Garda - IT

Spontaneously, we decided to visit our first exhibition in Italy. Actually, we found the idea appealing to experience Italy from another side without tourists. At the exhibition, we experienced the Italian way of life up close and were rewarded with terrific successes. On the first day, we enjoyed the Exc 1, CAC, CACIB and the BOB in the open class. For the crowning completion of this as well as already successful day we made it in the main ring under the best five dogs of the group 6.

The success did not lessen and the next day at the national exhibition we also enjoyed the Exc 1, CAC and the BOB.

We were able to meet super nice people and experienced Italy from another but really nice side.

13.01.2018 - Nuremberg - DE

New Year New luck. At the CACIB in Nuremberg we got in a very good and strong open class under judge Rita Sachslehner a Exc with a nice judge report. We are always looking forward to the exhibition in Nuremberg, because it is always like a little family reunion there.

02.12.2017 / 03.12.2017 - Double CACIB Wels - AT

Our last exhibition in 2017 took us to Wels. On both days we got a Exc 2 with res. CACA.

19.08.2017 / 20.08.2017 - Double CACIB Innsbruck - AT

Vladimir Piskay, Exc 1, CACA.

Viera Staviarska, VG.

08.07.2017 - Neresheim-Stetten - DE

Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel, Exc 1 Cand. DE. Ch. VDH.

18.06.2017 - Schweitenkirchen - DE

Snezka Kuralt, Exc

Nyangani Opiyo


On May 15th, 2022 in Kennel Macknole 3 males and 5 females were born. We are happy that all are healthy :)

On August 19 th, 2021 4 males and 5 females were born in Grosetto / Italy. Everyone is healthy, lively and has a ridge :)

Kennel Nyangani

On 17.05.2018 in Kennel Nyangani 11 puppies were born in Nuremberg, 4 males and 7 females. The puppies come from ancient African bloodlines like Glenaholm, Pronkberg, Pleasantview, Rooderaai.

If you are interested in a puppy from this mating, please contact Silvio Böhmer in time 0170/7309927 or visit www.nyangani.de.